TestyBot Advantages

Reduced costs

Replacing a lot of QA man-hours with automated testing results in significantly reduced costs.

  • Takes page elements and organizes them into logical flows automatically
  • If before we had 10 people working on this, now only one is needed to review the work done
  • 2-3 months to 1-2 weeks reduction for a complex eCommerce website


Rush jobs get re-defined as regular jobs: this is how much time our smart automated testing platform compresses deadlines.

  • Rush jobs come with substantial risks to the quality of testing; however, with TestyBot our quality in unwavering
  • Because of our automation, you don’t have to pay extra to meet short deadlines, because what was previously a short deadline is perfectly within norm with TestyBot
  • No more afraid of changes in the development flow: with TestyBot you help your Agile Software Development flow by testing whenever a change is required at no additional cost in time or resources

High-quality testing

Repetitiveness is the single biggest source of human mistakes. After TestyBot is done working on a project the bulk of “boring” testing is over and there are no mistakes left behind.

  • Doing regressing testing over and over saps the attention of even the most experienced tester; with TestyBot you avoid using your tester’s valuable time on trivial tasks
  • TestyBot won’t miss any of the flows a human might because of fatigue
  • TestyBot eases tremendously compatibility testing on browsers, leading to new quality standards

Motivated personnel

Doing routine testing over and over gets old really fast and saps motivation. Our smart automation frees human testes to be at their top performance when approaching non-routine tasks.

  • Workforce retention is increased manyfold: talented personnel is less inclined to leave the job due to high levels of routine work.
  • When developers get immediate feedback on the quality of their testing, they improve much faster their expertise
  • Project management has fewer worries: they can leave at the end of the workday knowing that added code lines did not break preexisting work.

Testing large volumes

Test automation, unlike manual testing, provides much greater test coverage when it comes to processing large data volumes.

  • With TestyBot testing large volumes is almost equivalent to testing small volumes of data, both in terms of time, or company resources
  • Increasing the volume of data to be tested is frequently a logarithmic drain on resources, since quality needs to be maintained throughout the process. With TestyBot you need not worry about changing in the quality standards not matter how large the testing volume is.

“Surveillance” testing

TestyBot offers the possibility of deploying what we call automated “surveillance” testing: constant, regular remote monitoring for errors.

  • TestyBot can run daily to ensure the “health” of your website. While previously most websites did not even consider devoting resources to this, now this service can be made easily available to everyone
  • Regular reports can be checked anywhere and anytime (via email, skype or smartphone app)
  • With TestyBot you get either thorough logs detailing all and any changes made to the website, enabling you to see exactly the effects of changes in time, or simple graphic summaries to keep your up-to-date.


Our automated testing platform frees you from scaling up and down your team of QA specialists. All you need to do is keep a core of dedicated experts that can overview the automated process.

  • For small companies the big advantage is that you may not not need a QA specialist at all: our test scripts are written using human-readable language and does not presuppose coding knowledge.
  • For middle to large companies you will be able to write automation scripts much faster and your QA team can be reduced to a core of experts supervising rather than doing the actual testing.