SPLAT! How Important Is Quality to Your Success?

I’ve written many articles about the importance of Quality specifically in Security, Mobility and Startups. I get emails everyday from those in the QA arena telling me what a low priority Quality is at the company they work for. In light of the massive security breaches we are seeing every day and the overwhelming failure ratio of startups and the latest innovations in mobility, cloud and IoT I ask you this…

Software Project Lacking Acceptable Testing

How is this possible?

Let’s start with a great new site called — —just launched to keep those failures all together in one neat place, complete with a summary of why each company flopped, in hopes of providing a lesson for others to learn from. Interestingly enough when I just clicked on the link to see the site I was taken to the picture below. You can take away 2 different opinions from that…

1) The site is overloaded because Quality does matter and people want to know the facts of why startups are failing and how to avoid it.

2) The site should have done a Quality check for anticipated bandwidth hits before launching and letting Business Insider* write an article about it.

Software Project Lacking Acceptable Testing

I termed the phrase SPLAT (also see my article titled SQUASH) to stand for:

Software Project Lacking Acceptable Testing…… what this means if you do not implement professional Quality in your projects/products/apps you will eventually end up with Ink in your face. As I wrote in my article “Social Media Can Kill Your Company” you can no longer work under the mentality that by the time customers/users/subscribers figure out you failed to provide quality measures you will have it fixed. All you need to do is read the news everyday and see how many companies are apologizing AFTER the fact when getting called out – usually by then it’s too late.

Business Owners and C-level Executives…. How Do You Rank Quality In Your Company?

I am reaching out to all business owners and posing this question to you. How do you as a new or existing business strategize the importance of Quality in your company and overall success? I am looking for comments from those who are proud of the successes they have experienced as well as the failures to provide insight on how to help others not fall in to the same traps.

Ask yourself – do we place a priority on Quality at the onset or do we keep out fingers crossed and if we fail blame it on QA?

Are you truly hiring the best professionals in Quality? Ones that understand what Quality (not just software testing) is and how their role is crucial to all areas of the company.

What Are Some Creative Ways Quality Has Helped Your Company Success?

I can give you at least a dozen examples off the top of my head that in my experience I was able from a quality and business perspective that helped save a company in crisis. Has anyone in your business in the QA arena used a creative solution to help you meet you company goals and still deliver a quality product/service/app/project? I would love to hear about them.

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